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So you want to know more? Really? Well here goes nothing.

I go by the name Xaviera. [ ksa-vee-ra ]
30 years of age, not born but definitely raised in the Netherlands.

I believe most people are familiar with the French quote: c'est la vie / that's life.
Well since my name is Xaviera and I am a thinker, about life mostly.
Et voilĂ , C'est la Xavie / That's Xaviera's life.

In 2010 I started as a fashion blogger which was nice for a while but not representing me at all.
So I decided to delete the entire blog and it's content, on Valentines Day 2015.
What a relieve. I can finally share the best and worst of me.

You will find my mind. A thinker has a lot of stories in their head, some are created some are facts.
I will definitely share my tears and smile with you.
Written with probably some sarcastic twist. Because life can treat you serious. So we have to give it our own twist to make it worth living. All intentions are mindfulness focused. And hopefully inspiring to stop resisting life. And start appreciate.

Sporadically I will post some dishes that I cooked.
Because I love food, or no food loves me. It is inevitable for us not to be together.
I am no health freak at all, but it is really important to nourish and  cherish your body.
And therefore I do believe you have to choose responsible products. Only I allow myself cheats.

When I am able to take a trip or travel somewhere this is definitely something that I want to share. Because the world is a beautiful place and every country has it's own authentic vibe. Would love to explore everything.



Meet the blogger

If you want to know a tip of the iceberg about me.

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