Did you know this about being a true empath?

Well, I sure wasn't a true empath!
It was through an article via Janny Juddly that described exactly what I am going through right now
(when else but now)!

When you are an empath, you feel....you feel a lot!
For example, I really took over feelings of other people like they were mine.
And that can be really confusing, exhausting, misleading and has led me through several situations in where I played the victim.

When I was in a romantic relationship I could feel for instance very insecure.
And when that relationship ended, I could seriously feel all those lower vibrating energies find their way back to their righteous owner immediately.
I wasn't the owner all along. Mostly I was mirroring (because it spoke to a part of fear in me as well).
What an amazing discovery that was! Not to mention a relief to know that the emotions weren't all mine.
This means that energies can mix, (obviously). And that there must be a way to keep those energies separate.
Only, what is the kindest way to do so?

Jenny than exemplifies things about how we can think that we're an empath.
But that some people are actually not an empath, but an identifier.

"if you don't learn how to ground yourself, you'll live like a slave to your emotions, rather than a master of them."



They're scared of what influence other people or environments can have on them and feel a resistance towards that. It will definitely exhaust and drain them.
Like crowded places, busy cities. This will make them ill, or they have to take a day off after this experience. 
They say affirmations, smudge, cleanse, do everything to be surrounded by 'safe and pure' energy all the time.

physical complaints

These will arise when they watch certain TV programs, movies, the news, or read magazines. 
Especially when there is tragedy in one of them, they're not able to let go afterwards. 
It will stick to them like a fly on a pile of....
They really become the emotions. 
They never doubt that the world is a cruel, selfish place full of hatred where everyone is competing with everyone and there's little to no kindness at all.


That is the world they live in, a world full of fear.
And they will only provide themselves with content (the news) that will continuously confirm this to them.
Never will it occur to them that this fear is something they generate themselves.
There's a connection between choosing what to read or watch and this will not cross their mind.
The part where they choose to worry and brood about drama is actually something they 'choose'.

These people are close to becoming an empath. Almost there. Only there is work to be done here.
The apprenticeship hasn't been served yet, so they're not aware why they're feeling so unsafe.
They're projecting their own fear into this world and experience it bouncing right back at them.

No wonder they feel so exhausted all the time.

"we must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer


different content

They choose other movies and actually don't watch the news or reality shows. 
The media hype is something they don't have to believe anymore. 
Whatever needs to reach them, there is confidence that it will reach them.


Choosing for soothing music, meditation, being in nature, right environments and listening to their own needs and Higher self. Spending time with people who give out good vibes and help gain their spiritual awareness. 
Feeling grounded and purposeful instead of afraid. They are doing the work. 
Therefor they know that for every 'bad' thing happening in the world is also so much kindness and 'good' things happening. There is no living in fear anymore, but there is living from love and oneness.


They are aware of energy, and that is a big advantage. People experience emotions and emotions are energy. Everything else is energy and energy vibrates, so it is only logical that it can influence other energies. 
They can empathize and understand that this energy is nothing more than a communication of what happens to be going on for that person right now. 
Not who that person is, just what’s going on for them right now. 
They don't identify (put themselves in their place and go through it as if it's theirs). 
They do something very beautiful instead.


Instead of running away in fear, they breath in the emotion because they understand it is just energy. 
They change the vibration of an incoming emotion and transmute it into a different energy and give that back.
They can hold the energy in a space inside of them where only love resides. 
It is hold there for the other until they understand the quality. 
And when they feel the quality change, when they transmute it, they breath it back out into the world.

"a candle loses nothing of it's own light by lighting another candle."

Know that this is a loving universe where we experience pain and joy and everything in between.
And that, since we’re all part of the same energy, when one of us is experiencing pain, another can receive that as an energetic communication and help, in love, with empathy and compassion.

We can become an empath who can exist powerfully in the world, and do what we came here to do.
If we want, we can change the energy of the world, one breath at a time!

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