Is being highly sensitive a blessing or a burden?

Well, it basically is what you make of it. But isn't that with everything that you do?

Why I have this question, is because throughout my whole life I got comments like...

You are too sensitive...
You are so intense and complicated...
You are weak (big girls don't cry)...
You are way too emotional...
You are overreacting...

This made me think that there was something seriously wrong with me.
So of course I tried to hide all of these behaviors and did 'anything' to avoid those comments.
I did experience all of these as a burden. And to be honest, I sometimes still do.
But eventually I've came to realize, that being highly sensitive, really is my blue print.

'a strong person is not the one who doesn't cry. a strong person is the one who cries and shed tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again.'

So how does that being highly sensitive results in my situation?

Emotionally reactive

It is like every emotion just goes straight to my heart, without being filtered. I can feel someone's pain, grief, hurt, enthusiasm, insecurity etc. like it is an emotion of my own.
It also means I can cry very easily because I get touched very quickly.

Bad at chit chatting

I love deep conversations. Of course chit chats are necessary. Balance, right? It is just that I am more attracted to the way that people think and feel instead of the things that happen on the surface.

Used to hearing ("don't take things so personally")

It is just how I experience things, and because of this, I am also able to see that we all have our own truth. And that focusing on why somebody is feeling a certain way is more sociable than focusing on, that a person shouldn't feel a certain way.

It has to feel comfortable

I notice that I feel extremely uncomfortable when for example, a couch that is too hard, a certain fabric that itches, wet socks or jeans, being too cold or warm. All these feeling are amplified for me.

Easily overstimulated by surroundings

Being in crowds or loud environments I tend to loose my focus, and mood ;). Those situations really drain me.
I am also NOT a fan of jump scares or fireworks.

Flying solo

I love to be by myself and in my own company. Wow, that sounds narcissistic, lol.
And I've also noticed that, for example, on Facebook I have less than 50 friends.
In real life I only have a few best friends that I trust and invest in. Quality over quantity.

After this long time of giving resistance, dislike being sensitive and wondering if I really am that weak?
I know now that there is nothing wrong with me.
Because taking away all of these single traits, I would take away the essence of who I really am.

My conscience...
The ability to empathize...
My intuition...
My creativity...
My deep appreciation for little things...
My awareness to others pain, and...
My passion!

Now that is what I call, a blessing.

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