Portugal Nazaré final prt.

This place Nazaré is kinda a must see. A small village near the ocean with it's authentic attractions. The cliff as seen from the beach, dried fish stalls, many other traditional restaurants, a monastery and a viewpoint Farol Nazaré Pontão. Depending on the weather you can spot some enormous waves. The day I visited the waves were good enough for me. I did see some pictures of how they could be. Very impressive.

'the shrimp that falls asleep, is carried by the current'- spanish proverb meaning: 'you snooze you loose'

'go to the edge of the cliff and jump off, build your wings on the way down' - ray bradbury

'whatever floats your boat'

'just smile and wave boys, smile and wave'

'my biggest worry is that my wife (when i'm dead) will sell my fishing gear for what i said i paid for it' - koos brandt

'sunset is probably one of my favorite colors'

Nighty night. Obrigada Portugal.

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