Had an opPORTOnity prt. 1

I had the opportonity (yes I know it's opportunity) to go to Porto (Portugal).
Saw this word joke written on some stand in the middle of the city. So obviously I had to use it.
Stayed in an apartment booked through airbnb. There were details in the interior which I loved. Industrial mixed with warm rugs and some playful wall art.
It also had this view of a massive church. Really impressive.
The location is perfect as well. The minute you walk into the apartment it is so quiet and calm and you are only a few minutes away from the center of the city the moment that you head out the door.
Great recommendation.

'when life gives you lemons, make grape juice and watch the world wonder how you did it'

Visited this market and I was really shocked how cheap everything was. Felt really good to walk among the various stalls. Feels pure. Because so are all the products. Would choose doing groceries like this on a market over a supermarket every day.

'the only journey is the one within'

The trip continued after four days of Porto. The next stop was (Praia da) Tocha.
To be continued.

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