Retreat(ed) myself prt. 2

Sharing my last day morning stroll. I was really saying goodbye to the environment and the animals, for now. And it was saying goodbye to me as well.
Always thought that fog has something serene and secure. Everything looks so equal and blends in with each other, the world is no longer black and white. Sounds are almost muted which makes the environment even more still and peaceful.

What a lovely place this was/is.

'there are other spiritual beings on earth other than human beings.'

The Abby.
I attended the high mass on Sunday morning and I am glad I did. The exterior was nothing like the interior at all. Inside everything was white, gray and square or rectangle shaped. Very abstract.
And that was a good thing, because the harmony that the priests delivered with their singing filled the entire place with a warm melodious energy. This combined with the intense but calming scent of the white sage that they were burning. An experience that I am very grateful for.
Thank you.

'wherever you are. be all there.'- jim elliot

I only left the place physical at first admitting that it was hard to say goodbye.
Because I had a shitload of beautiful experiences and was afraid to lose them when I got home.
With the days my energy and focus refound me and I never felt more ready to just be.

Oh and I would really love to have a cow, or two.

what are you grateful for?

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