Retreat(ed) myself prt. 1

I am aware of the scientific side of life and science has been helping me a lot lately. And personally I know there is another side because one cannot exist without the other.
You can say that I am going through a spiritual awakening.
Only that wasn't how I lived my life so obviously I need some more guidance at this point in my life and decided that it was time to retreat myself and get more professional help on a whole other level. Time to pay a visit to my inner child and leave ego behind.

At a later stage I will definitely talk about what I did there and what it did for me.
For now I can only say that it was the most intense, effective and productive thing I have ever experienced. And that I have to give myself the time to let everything settle in and practice the new tricks of life and just enjoy this afterglow I'm in right now.

I wish I could share the exact same feeling that I felt when I came across this view.
Sunbeams, high trees, shadows, the vibrant color of the grass and the complete stillness of this area.

The house of a stranger can sure feel like home. I walked passed this house several times with smoke coming from their chimney. Loved that smell.
Their yard and exterior has something magical about this overall image. And strangely it really felt that I had to be there. The environment made it possible that I was more connected with the real me.

During one of my strolls I saw this cat in the distance. I sat down on the road to take pictures and she came walking up to me immediately. We kept each other company for quite a while.
Which left me covered in cat hairs and of course I was wearing black. I couldn't care less though, she was so playful, welcoming and was really talking to me a lot.

Don't you just wish that sometimes you could understand what they're actually saying?
The beauty was that she reminded me of someone I knew or have met. Only I can't remember.

Not all sheep follow the crowd. I guess we both could relate on this level. Only this sheep kept her curls.

These are the remaining's of the first Dutch cement factory started all in 1875.

I kept taking pictures of the scenery in the distance and had to make a metaphor of course.
That it is all about focus. You're not going to like everything that crosses your path but you have the ability to shift focus and eventually see the beauty of it and learn to appreciate it.

I had so much 'loner LOL' observing this guy. Gosh I love nature.

'there is not one path. there is not even the right path. there is only your path.'

'we do not fear the unknown. we fear what we think we know about the unknown.'- teal swan

I need to visit the supermarket for these ones. I had seen an apple tree before but I can't remember one that was so fully grown. It is nice to see that they are where they belong.

Want to wrap it up with this broken door that still has a mailbox.

Always welcome life's messages, no matter how broken you feel. 

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