Transforming into your true self

I have been getting some wake up calls the past couple of months. And not few, wouldn't even be surprised if I have a few missed wake up calls.
The difference now is that I answer these wake up calls in contrast to a few years ago. And it is actually  nice to hear from them and listening to what they have to say. Living more out of love again instead of fear.
And I am sure that life is able to redial me in the future to give me more wake up calls.

'what if i asked you to name all the things that you love. how long would it take for you to name yourself?'

There are  definitely some specific behaviors that prove you are getting more in touch with your true inner self.


Becoming more aware of your actions.
Fear has been something that was my drive for way too long. Therefor I was blind of my own actions and couldn't walk the talk. And actions really speak louder than words.
When fear is being replaced by love you are able to listen more to yourself and others around you.
This brought me more insight in assessing a situation. Know when to let things be and not being afraid to speak your mind. Giving more attention to the energy that people carry with them and how they respond to yours. I must say that the sensitivity to everything is getting a lot stronger by all of this.

Letting go

This can result in letting go of things or people. Because of this transformation, not everything has the possibility to grow with you. So it will grow apart. And that is okay! Don't impose yourself to hold onto a person just because they have been around for so long. If you are forcing this, than you are holding yourself back.
For me it doesn't feel like giving up anymore but really letting go in order to move on better instead of bitter.
It hurts though. But that doesn't mean it is a bad decision. All break-ups hurt. And by admitting the pain I also don't have the urge to hold on to resentment or guilt towards others. Letting go doesn't automatically mean you dislike that person. It just means you allow yourself to be the best you can be and allow that for the other person as well. Because not everything you lose is a loss.


Acting out of love instead of fear made me more open minded and less bitter. Or better said, having less of a black and white mindset. This grey area will feel uncomfortable at first. But that is a good sign. It means you're learning new habits and are willing to break the old.
The fear of getting hurt or being alone is decreased a lot. Therefor I am less afraid to be honest and vulnerable.
The satisfaction now lies in being able to show love. It doesn't matter anymore if it is answered or not.
The opinion of others is not holding me back any longer.
Also make things negotiable and put yourself in someone else's shoes. Because you got nothing to lose by doing this. It will only improve things. Pride should no longer be an option.

This whole transformation is so freeing. Receiving and giving a lot more love than I was used to. There is space for my life now and I will welcome anybody that wants to be riding along. And I will also let them go with the same love I welcomed them into my life with, when necessary.
No more hard feelings.

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