Women should really stop doing this

Last time I checked I was still a woman. So am I allowed to say that we should stop doing certain things?
If it will help people (women) get along better I think I am.

Since kindergarten girls are playing it way dirtier than boys. Pulling hair, biting and scrawl each other. They can be so mean! Verbally and physically. Well at least that is my experience.


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But since we're all grown up now you think this behavior would have been corrected after all this time. We can't let the 'ideal' image of a woman let us effect our behavior or self image. It surely will try to effect your self image but that is not an excuse to reflect your insecurities on others.

I will no longer make myself guilty of these toxic behaviors.

Bashing other women

Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own.
So stop pointing out other women's flaws. This can't make you feel any better.
It certainly doesn't make you a better person.
Why do we feel the need to do this? I recon it has something to do with insecurity. Well it will not make you feel any less insecure when putting others down because you want to feel elevated.
A sad example. That woman is not an attention seeker because she got that 'like' from your boyfriend. And even if a woman is looking for attention, she has every right to do so, of course when no bad intentions are meant.
So stop this hating, we have enough BS going on for ourselves.

Misters before sisters

Because my lack of self confidence back in the days I could seek for attention from the opposite gender. To receive compliments and made me feel good about myself, for only a short amount of time of course. Now I know I am responsible for my own happiness.
So don't ditch your girlfriends for any guy you met in the bar just because you think he makes you feel good about yourself. It says SELF-esteem for a damn good reason.
When you're not being able to maintain friends with girls, something isn't right. Being friends with girls doesn't mean drama. I always said, I prefer friendship with guys because it is less drama. This is such BS.
I need my girls they understand me like no men can. It keeps my mind and life healthy.

It is not all about you

I really don't understand the 'friend' that has that habit of always turning the subject back to themselves or overrules your story with a similar situation. That situation most of the times is even 'better' than the one you were telling. It is not a competition! Just listen to a story and try going in on it. Show your interest in that person. This social skill will really create a better relationship with your friend or any other person. It makes you feel that you can count on them and you have a shoulder to cry on when necessary.
I am not saying it is never okay to come with a similar situation. You can also use this to show that you understand the situation.

Seeking approval from others

Especially on social media. Facebook isn't a diary ladies. Stop creating a 'perfect' picture for the outer world. There is no such thing.
From time to time it is nice to share some pictures but when it is to validate your worth by how many likes you'll get. You are pulling the wrong strings.
The overload picture poster or love messages to her boyfriend are in my opinion seeking for attention and a look-at-how-perfect-I-am attitude. Post as many messages and pictures as you want. Every road can create a bumpy ride once in a while. And you won't see those messages do you. Stop seeking for approval ladies. You are perfectly imperfect as it was meant to be.

Wining Bitching Complaining

Ahhh you broke a nail?? Quick call 911.
You get my point. If you can bitch about those things your life must be pretty damn good. Bumped your toe? Curse! And move on. You don't have to smile all the time because there are people starving in other countries. But try to moderate the frequency of bitching about stuff. For yourself in the first place it will really benefit your mental health if you keep your focus on the positive things in life.

Emotions are allowed

I cannot say this enough times. Stop being a robot. It is way more annoying when a girl keeps a straight face and always says yes I am okay. Than a girl that knows a good cry will keep the mind clear and is able to move on.
Pick your time and place though. So don't text an ex after drinking a big amount of shots at the bar.

Faking it

No not the orgasms. That is a subject that can be discussed later on, maybe.
I am talking about trying to be someone you're not. In the end you have to own up because the truth has it's way of catching up with you. Like I said you are already perfectly imperfect. Striving for someones 'perfection' is such an unrealistic goal which can't be achieved.

"at your absolute best, you still won't be good enough for the wrong person. at your worst you'll still be worth it to the right person." 

We should really support each other that is all I can say because we are a beautiful creation.

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