Want to start your morning of good?

What do you prefer in the morning? Hasty putting on some clothes, skip your breakfast and start the day without any plans because you are engaged to your snooze button? You snooze you loose.
Or approach your day with a mindful mindset.
The last option will definitely create more benefits for you for the rest of the day.

Your mind is a powerful tool so do take advantage of this great gift we are given.
Because life isn't always about how you make it but mostly of how you take it.

'be mindful even if your mind is full'

Pictures by Xaviera

There are some great ways to approach your day as positive as possible.
Try doing these few things for 10am.

Here are a few from my personal morning ritual.

Meditation and stretching

Focusing on my breathing and a mindset for the day is the way to start. You will become calm and aware.
Try not to reach for your phone first thing in the morning. Everything that happened on that device will still be there after you're done. To take those few minutes for yourself and focus on the quietness you will be in a better state to put up with the energy you're going to be exposed to for the rest of the day.
After a few minutes of meditation (in bed) I will continue by doing a yoga exercise for just 5 minutes.
I usually choose the sun salutation - surya namaskara.
It opens up your body, lengthens it and releases the tensions which you held on to through the night.

Hydrate and breakfast

In the morning you wake up dehydrated and it is best (according to The body ecology diet by Donna Gates) to drink half of your entire daily intake by mid morning. I begin with water and lemon or water and ginger followed by just water. It will flush your system of toxins and leave you feeling less hungry. Also what I really never skip is my breakfast. I need to fuel myself before getting started.

Listen music and smile

This really is a mood booster for me. Spotify is my best friend and I put on some music to get the day going and sing along. This makes me smile and will automatically release the happy happy joy joy feelings.
When looking into the mirror, do smile at yourself. It will have a positive effect on your overall attitude.

Be grateful

A new day is here and why not be grateful for it. It is filled with opportunities that you can take advantage of.
I do keep 'being grateful notes' on my nightstand and it is improving my flexibility towards challenges throughout the day.

Make a day plan and do hardest tasks first

Make a schedule of your day where you also plan your free time. Having this clearness will prevent a lot of chaos. It also helps me to communicate because I am aware of my time schedule. Therefor I can let people know whether I am available or not. And I can see for myself where I can shift with tasks to create availability for others when necessary.
About the hardest tasks, get those out of the way. It will make you more motivated for new tasks that will cross your path during the day. At least that is how it works for me. It really isn't helping to procrastinate them. So get rid of them and leave yourself with a clear and proud attitude.

And last one...

Clean up after yourself

When you're in a rush, or not even in a rush at all. It is tempting to let the dishes be dishes, your bed unmade or leave your clothes on the floor. Do clean it up. It will lead to a calmer and more relaxing environment when coming home. I am really pro active about this simply because it feels good. For me a clean house is a clean mind. I sometimes leave dishes in the sink and clean those after dinner but never leave my house with an unmade bed or clothes on the floor. I love getting home that way.

Try to be as consequent as possible with this structure.

I choose my days to do otherwise as well.
Stay in bed, breakfast in bed and pay more attention to other stuff.
But the structured way is one I commit to for most of the days because it brings me mindfulness, productivity and prepares me for the unprepared.

What does your morning ritual look like?

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