Purify your house for positive energy

We all sent and hold energy. And we want that energy to be as positive as possible.
Of course that is not always possible because one thing simply doesn't exist without the other.

Since I am slowly finding my mojo again, I found it time to let go of the negative energy me and my house are holding.
But how do I do that? By smudging.
An old ritual adopted from the Native Americans used to cleanse a person, place or object of negative energies or influences by burning white sage or other herbs as cedar or sweetgrass.
It really is an ancient and sacred ceremony so it should be performed with respect.

It can be very useful when you're feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell or after you've had an argument with someone.
So you can pretty much say this is spiritual spring cleaning.

Pictures by Xaviera


Smudge stick
Feather or just your hands
Fireproof container with sand
A candle

You can easily find the ingredients on the internet (Amazon).

In the picture you can see I used an abalone shell. I wish I had done more research because apparently this shell is an endangered and protected species. And inappropriate according to the Wiccans because it really is very sacred to them. So don't use a shell.




The goal is to have in mind what you would like to achieve and keep this in mind. The main feeling should be love and respect. After all, you can't fight negativity with negativity. So think happy thoughts.


When the stick is lit blow out the flame so that the stick will smoke. Be aware that sparks will fall off and can burn clothes, rugs etc. So use with caution.


Make sure windows and doors are closed and fire alarms are switched off. 
That would be a mood killer.
Wave the smoke with a feather (original used) or your hand up and down the wall and pay extra attention to corners as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy. Go round and when the circle is completed symbolically wave the smoke to a door or window. Pay attention to your intentions and energy and visualize that the negative vibrations get attached to the smoke.
Extinguish the stick by putting it in the sand. Open up your windows and doors and let the negative vibrations float out.


You can also smudge yourself. Go through the first and second steps and direct the smoke from head to toes and wave it right through you, imagining it will attach to your negative vibrations. Also go over your head and back and repeat at spots where you feel the need to give some extra attention. Breath deeply through this whole experience.

It is a very symbolic ritual and not complicated at all. Just burning sage can be very cleansing already.

How do you free yourself of negative vibrations?

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