How to get high without drugs

'destroy what destroys you'

Dopamine, serotonin and endorphin's, now those you can call your lifetime buddy's.
We cannot live without them otherwise we would be very depressed.

Now, there are a lot of chemicals that can provide us with these motes in a very short amount of time.
Unfortunately they don't do our body any good. And our mind neither when these chemicals have done their job.
I understand you can get curious to these feelings and experiment with them.
I know I have but eventually they won't make me feel any better. On special occasions I will reconsider a good glass of wine or whisky but it is important that it won't become an addiction or even in my eyes, a lifestyle.

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So here are some healthy ways to get happy high without using any chemicals.


Moving your body to music you love will definitely put you in a happy place. Go crazy, shake and move every limb of your body. That must sound weird if you're a guy. My dirty mind was saying, do the helicopter.
Anyway, your body will produce endorphin's during these movements. Make sure you have a meditative state of mind. This state of mind will create a difference between a normal adrenaline / endorphin rush and a full dimenthyltryptamine like state. So literally and figuratively go with the flow.


This is something you won't master directly if you haven't done this before. The more you do it the easier you'll find yourself to get into an altered state of mind. And after doing this, there are so many benefits for your body and soul by meditating. You can't say that when you're hungover.


This is something we definitely don't think about. We are kinda taking this for granted don't you think? Until we try to drink something through our trachea. By accident of course.
When making yourself aware of your breathing you can see how much control it has of our energy in our body. Fast breathing can make you feel anxious and slowing it down will tell your body that it's calm and aware.


Everybody is aware that 'the act' and it's final destination will cause a natural high. But the best way to make sure the high is as good as possible you have to not focus on the entire body, but better on the lower part of the body. This will result in much more pleasure. When focusing on this instead of rushing to that finish line I am sure your experience and the journey will be more intense.

So hopefully some will choose to get infected with natural highs instead of the ones that will end up destroying their body.
You should do whatever you prefer of course.
But don't be afraid to experiment with your own energy.

have you ever experienced a natural high?

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