Fresh chicken shawarma with grilled vegetables

Pictures by Xaviera

'if you don't recognize an ingredient, your body won't either'

A big benefit of making your own homemade shawarma is that you know what the exact ingredients are.
The ones that you can buy in the store aren't made with lean meat and if you buy the shawarma at a after-a-wild-night-out-stand they come with a big clot of fat garlic sauce.

In my version I made a fresh tzatziki sauce to go with the rest.


Mix the Greek yogurt with the squeezed garlic, salt & pepper.
Grater the cucumber and drain as much juice as you can to keep the tzatziki firm and not to wet.
Mix the cucumber through the yogurt.


Marinate the chicken as long as you want with the shawarma herbs.
Grill the zucchini and peppers and bake the chicken in a frying pan on high fire.
For the last 2 minutes add the sliced onion.
Bake the flat bread for 10 minutes in the oven to make it a bit crispy out- and soft inside.
Place rocket salad, chicken and vegetables on the bread and top off with a big clot of tzatziki.


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