Are you ready? Time for spring cleaning!

Pictures by Xaviera

'you don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty'- Cecil Baxter

Time to let go. LET IT GOOOoooo. (Sorry). You did sing that line, didn't you?

It is the first day of spring, already.
While shooting these pictures, about an hour ago, I was blessed with some sunbeams coming through.
And ironically, as I am typing it started to rain.

Let me share you my spring cleaning ritual.


Spotify is working overtime. I love the browse option in Spotify where you can search on mood & genre. It even has it's own playlist called 'clean the house'.
I think the most obvious choice is feel good music and sing a long songs.
I could make the list infinite because I have such a varying taste.
But here are a few:

Penguin Prison - Calling Out

Jamiroquai - Little L

Omi - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)


Cleaning out the closet. If I haven't wore it for over a year I throw it away. Also moving my winter clothes to the upper shelves and obviously my spring/summer clothes to replace them.
But not without dusting the shelves and drawers first.
This also applies for other things in your house. Go through that clutter drawer in  your kitchen that everybody has. Rearrange it and throw away that thing, you know what I am talking about, that thing you kept but don't even know where it is for. Out!


I am exchanging my fake autumn flowers for my fake bright white spring flowers. And allow myself to shop for some new pillows without the warm fur look. I notice that I also use other scented candles. In winter I prefer cinnamon and vanilla and when spring is there I tend to choose lavender and ocean scents.


If  you have your own little library or a bookshelf. Go through them and sort them by color, height or organize in every other way you prefer. And even throw away some books and allow yourself to buy some new ones.


Those fluffy let's-crawl-in-front-of-the-TV blankets don't get washed on laundry day all the time. So now is the time to collect those and wash them with a fresh scented fabric softener.
And what about your mattress? You can let it breath from time to time and flip it. But I like to use a unique smell-buster once in a while.


I have white walls and you can see it right away if something scratched it. So around this time of year I repaint those spots again. This also goes for the white tiles in the bathroom. Just give them some extra attention.

I am already a very hygienic person. But now I am taking the time to pull everything of the wall and pay attention to every inch of my house.
But for me spring cleaning isn't all about cleaning materialistic things. It is also to let go of stuff,  create an organized mind and throwing away old stuff which can be very symbolic and helpful by letting go.

So hereby I wish everybody a clean organized mind on this (belated) first day of spring.

Tell me about your spring cleaning rituals

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