Anti social media

'social media, breaking and making connections'

It is inevitable, 'Social Media' is taking over.
I am not anti social media but I am definitely not the biggest fan either.
Maybe it is because of my age but I truly believe it also has to do with character.

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My view on WhatsApp:


Uncountable times I see people checking their phone and mostly it is to check if someone replied or send an im (instant message).
They are totally shut down to what is happening around them. Or even worse they interrupt a face to face conversation because their phone *pinged* or *buzzed*.
Imagine if you miss out on something! [sarcasm] I think it's just rude. It's an inanimate object!
It's okay to respond later or just let your phone be for a while and connect with your environment.
Of course you see all the examples around you and commercials of new upgraded phones. (bigger better stronger).
It is The never ending story all over again, only without flying dogs but flying angry birds these days.
So it very easy to copy paste that behavior to yourself. What will make it a habit. In my eyes, a bad habit, I'd rather burp, (okay, not in public).


How many people have went insane over the new upgrade from WhatsApp. Tadaaaa üü.
Doesn't it ring a bell when you are really worrying about whether a friend is ignoring you or not after seeing those checkmarks turn blue?
I don't have any friends that ignore me, otherwise they wouldn't be my friends.
They all have their own life and own timetable. And if it is so important, CALL that person.
I know communication works so fast with all these applications these days, but that doesn't mean somebody has to act just as fast.
Lower your expectations or reconsider your friendship. Because a friend does not ignore you.
You are just not always a priority. And this works both ways.
So if you want clearness, be clear and reach out by calling.


What a big problem this is.
You can't see or hear the other person. So you are missing out on emotions and sound. That leaves you with your own interpretations. Serious tip is try not to have any profound conversations. Just call somebody or meet face to face.
This has been one of my pitfalls. Because I am more of a phone call conversation type.
I choose my words carefully but that still isn't always enough. Sometimes the emoticons can help though.
But a true friend deserves a real conversation when the subject is becoming more personal.
And not a shallow application for communication, that simply doesn't justify the job.
So try to use WhatsApp for it's practical options. Because it has enough benefits as well. But know how to use it, or better, where to use it for.

I am becoming more and more realistic about this application. I don't have to be available for 24/7.
I always respond, but in my own time. And sometimes, I seriously overlook something, because you are dealing with a device which can has it's errors.
So I put my phone to flight mode before I go to sleep. If it is important. I am just one call away!

Oh and by the way, these are only examples on how it will effect people mentally.
Don't even get me started on the negative physical effects.

What is your experience when communicating via social media?

2 comment(s):

  1. To show you how much I agree with you I don't even know what WhatsApp is, but I completely agree with social media obsession making people a little out of touch. Even to the point that people are about to collide with you when they're walking because they're so engrossed in their phone! And because I forget to include "lol" in certain things I've posted through text, facebook, etc, I've been misunderstood a lot!

    1. Thanks so much Jessica for your comment.
      WhatsApp is an application where you can chat directly with the people that are listed in your contacts. For me close ones. But around you, you see so many issues because of this app. And you shouldn't be misunderstood by your friends, they and myself of course should know better.
      Thanks for stopping by!



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