Cabo Verde Sol in Sal

Pictures by Xaviera

'a vacation is having nothing to do, and having all day to do it in'

The last time I actually went on a holiday was when I was 16 years old.
It felt surreal looking for a country I wanted to go to and accommodation
and really actually booking it after that amount of time.
Especially because you here people around you about going on vacation every year
and sometimes two or three times a year.

So eventually my destination became Cape Verde (Africa).
Ten Islands in the Atlantic ocean in front of the coast of Gambia.
I stayed at the island Sal in the place called Santa Maria.

Lots of very good Italian and grill restaurants in every single street.
Many colorful houses and of course the locals who will almost immediately approach you with the sentence 'Hello my friend, want to see my shop?'
You'll visit one or two shops and then you get immune for it.
They're not very pushy so the atmosphere stays really good.

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