Salmon cookie

Pictures by Xaviera

'there is plenty of fish in the sea, don't be tripping over a guppy'


Smoked salmon
Bread crumbs
Spring onion


Chop the salmon and spring onion as small as possible.
Mix this with a teaspoon of sambal, a handful of bread crumbs and one egg.
Shape them into a ball, that way it is easier to make them flat with a nice round shape.
Oil the top and bottom and bake them for 2 minutes each side.

I don't use any measurements because I cook a lot with my feeling and intuition.
So make sure that these are my measurements.

2 comment(s):

  1. This looks amazing! I am going to pin this for later! Yum!!!

    1. Thank you!

      I am curious about your experience on these. I will adjust some things next time I'll make them.



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