Pesto pasta

Pictures by Xaviera

'the trouble with eating italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again'- George Miller

I think the most dishes I make are Italian related.
The Italian kitchen is very simplistic but very tasteful with just a few ingredients.
And there is something about that atmosphere, where everybody is sitting at one large table in the garden.
Italian food feels like love to me, satisfaction and good company.


Marinate the chicken with the herbs. I used dried Tzatziki herbs from Oil & Vinegar mixed with some oil.
Put it all together in a plastic bag so you can rub the chicken with it.
Put it in the oven for 25 minutes 200c. Last 10 minutes I used the grill.
Cook the pasta in salted water (whatever pasta you prefer).
Grill the zucchini and chop the rest of the zucchini and heat in frying pan.
Add the pasta and pesto. Stir it up.
Fix the plate and top off with the grana padano.

3 comment(s):

  1. What a simple recipe!
    Btw, your style of photography and layout is so professional! I love it!!


    1. Thanks so much. Yeah Italian food is never complicated but so tasteful.

  2. yummy these look so good



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