Low budget decorating

Pictures by Xaviera

'it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to make a house a home'

When the seasons are changing, so are my needs to redecorate.
For example, in summer I choose for bright flowers (fake or real, depends on my budget) like sunflowers or white roses.
Just like the food you will eat in summer, light salads and lots of fresh water with mint or lemon. Or both!

Since I live by myself, I'm much more aware of money and responsibilities.
So therefore I don't choose any relatively expensive products to decorate my house with.
Simply because I can't afford it and because I can't, I see that there are so many great products out there that I wouldn't even prefer anything else.
One of my favorite stores for decoration is 'WAAR'.
Not only do they have that nature and pure look which I love, but they sell organic, fair trade, ecological or recycled products.
But also the commercial shops like Xenos, Action and Blokker.

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